Joy of June

Our gardens can bring us joy in all months of the year and the month of June may be considered one of the best. Each vegetable garden gives us hope that we will have nourishment from the fruits of our labor. Each plant has the potential to give us spiritual fulfillment that results from our personal efforts of fostering life where there was none before.

June is often the month when harvests begin. Lettuce born of a tiny seed is ready to be part of our meals until it is time to produce its own seeds for the next year or the next season. In my neighborhood, freshly snipped garlic scapes show up on the front porches of those who know their value in the kitchen. Strawberries have ripened for use in snacks and desserts and extra berries are gobbled up by the birds.






In full bloom are the spectrum of irises; the deep purple of salvia blooms; the reds, pinks, and orange of the roses, poppies, and tender hibiscus. I grow hybrid tea roses to cut and bring in the house and I can’t help but walk by their vase without savoring their sweet scents, each one offering a unique and intense experience.



Walk in the garden with your morning coffee and with your afternoon tea. Enjoy the sights and smells of each glorious garden. Accept the healing power your garden offers and invite me to join you. I’ll be there to share in the treasures the rich dirt has to offer.


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