Gardening Tools

Using a Gardening Journal

Seeds have all arrived for the 2021 garden! It’s time to celebrate! It was a challenge this year with so many seed companies running out of stock and temporarily closing so they can catch up with the number of orders placed. How do you choose which varieties you are going to grow?

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The Best Hand Tool for Weeding Raised Beds

Japanese Weeding Sickle
The Japanese Weeding Sickle (or hoe), has an angled blade and long handle that is perfect for cutting weeds off at the soil level.

Weeding is a part of a gardener’s life. We are all resigned to it. Is there anything that can make it easier? I’ve gone through several tools and have narrowed it down to only a couple. When it comes down to hand tools for weeding between rows in the raised bed, one tool rises to the top.

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Hori-Hori Knife: The Perfect Planting Tool :

One of my favorite tools is the Hori Hori knife. It is fantastic. I use it for so many things, digging out dandelion roots, opening up bags of potting soil, hacking through stubborn roots. But I use it mostly for planting.

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