Speedy Sharp Sharpening Tool

If you use your tools even for one day a year, you’re going to need to sharpen them. This is the perfect sharpener to keep in your pocket for use at any time during a long day of weeding and planting. And if we’re lucky, we have lots of those long days. We’ve been using this sharpener for years and years and can’t recommend it enough for ease of use and handy storage. At our house, we have several in different places or I’ll have trouble finding where I may have left it!

Price: $15.99


Foam Covered Plant Ties

Whenever I run out of these foam plant ties, I always have difficulty finding them in my local garden stores. I love them because they are so easy on the plants yet hold firmly. Perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, and any other climber that needs support.

Price: $9.99


Japanese Weeding Sickle

This is my favorite and could become your favored weeding tool as well. Made for durability, the only reason you’ll want more than one is to place them in multiple places so it is always handy. Keep one located near the front flower garden and another in the backyard vegetable garden, you won’t be sorry you did. The weeding sickle is extremely sharp to cut weeds at the soil level or just below. Check out my thorough review in the blog at The Best Hand Tool for Weeding Raised Beds. Available in right and left handed.

Price: $24.99

Right-Handed Weeding Sickle

Left-Handed Weeding Sickle

Hori Hori Knife



I finally found a Hori Hori knife that is the quality I admire. Stainless steel blade, comfortable wooden handle, and includes a sheath you can wear on your belt. If you want to learn why I love this knife so much, you can learn more here: The Perfect Planting Tool.

This is a durable tool used for planting, digging, and can even cut open bags of potting soil or mulch. It is a must have in your gardening arsenal of tools.

Price: $32.99

Trimming Shears

Designed for bonsai pruning of small branches, you will find all sorts of uses for these extremely sharp and comfortable shears. I’ve used them for bonsai and trimming any of my houseplants. I’ve now adopted them for use for almost all my indoor needs and some of my outdoor cut flower needs as well. It is the comfortable handles that make the difference. The large handles fit petite or larger hands.

Price: $14.99