Best Hand Tool for Weeding Raised Beds

Japanese Weeding Sickle
The Japanese Weeding Sickle (or hoe), has an angled blade and long handle that is perfect for cutting weeds off at the soil level.

Weeding is a part of a gardener’s life. We are all resigned to it. Is there anything that can make it easier? I’ve gone through several tools and have narrowed it down to only a couple. When it comes down to hand tools for weeding between rows in the raised bed, one tool rises to the top.

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Make Your Own Chili Powder

Super chili peppers
Super chili peppers, one of the components of homemade chili powder.

If you like growing hot peppers then you know you can be inundated with more peppers than you can use right away. Maybe it’s time to consider making your own chili powder. Three simple steps: grow hot peppers, dry the peppers, and grind them into powder. Before you go running to the garden, though, you may want to take into account a few things before you take the plunge.

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