Choosing Your First Houseplant

Gardening is about raising something that doesn’t harass you. It doesn’t cry to be changed like our kids did when they were babies. It doesn’t whine to be fed like our dogs do. In their own quiet way, plants look pitiful, brown, and wilted when they need attention. They die just as quietly. No fanfare, no fancy burial ceremonies. The only real pressure on you to raising plants is the pressure you put on yourself.
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About Me

Welcome to The Negligent Gardener.

I’ve been growing and killing plants for decades. In fact, I’ve been told that I am negligent with my plants which is the reason that my husband told me years ago that I should be called The Negligent Gardener. And a community was born…

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Joy of June

Our gardens can bring us joy in all months of the year and the month of June may be considered one of the best. Each vegetable garden gives us hope that we will have nourishment from the fruits of our labor. Each plant has the potential to give us spiritual fulfillment that results from our personal efforts of fostering life where there was none before.

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